Strategy 12: Web Design & Structure

Web Design & Structure Strategies

Deciding upon the purposes and capabilities of a website has implications on its structure and design, and how well such supports conversions. For instance, the choice to use a CMS (content management system) or hard-coded html structure, or mobile-responsive capability instead of a dedicated mobile experience, will depend on campaign optimization considerations. No longer is there a one-size fits all approach to sophisticated web design that should support and not be reactive to conversion implications. Zipstripe design strategies form the start of many conversion optimizations with proper structuring by personnel that include a Google Certified Web Designer Specialist. Zipstripe web design strategies offer:

  • Website design & structuring for campaign optimization opportunities
  • Insights into consumer behaviours through clickthroughs, website path tracking, A/B testing
  • Message testing with defined cohorts, prior to extensive budget commitments
  • Targeting opportunities by geography, proximity, gender, age, and interests

Web design and structuring strategies that support conversion optimizations involve proper structuring by Zipstripe personnel, that include a Web Design and Web Structure experts.

It All Depends on the Conversion Strategies You Need to Implement

Choice of web design must be driven by the objectives of your online strategy. For instance, do you need areas of the site specific to geographic or product/service offering, so as to offer engaging content in a relevant silo. Or do you require a bottom-up approach to support multiple business units in one domain? Zipstripe understands and will offer the design and structure alternatives best suited to the objectives intended to be achieved, promoting those that provide the best potential for conversion opportunities and optimizations.

Starting with Purposes of Web Design

Purposeful web design considers from the very start the objectives to be achieved by the web presence. These objectives in turn determine what strategies in design and structure should be used to achieve the conversions the web design is to support. Accordingly, all website architecture should start with consideration of the objectives sought to be achieved – is the website to inform, take action or result in sales – where the structure will be optimized to deliver engagement elements and conversion strategies to support these objectives. The choice of technologies will seek to build a solid foundation, with consideration of using CMS (content management system), dedicated coded (html and html5) or hybrid systems, to best achieve what you want your website to accomplish.

Consider Who is to do What?

Proper web design also considers the individuals available to extend and maintain the web presence on an ongoing basis. This consideration may suggest utilizing a CMS or hard-coding strategy, with internal or outsourced support, all dependent upon meeting website objectives and current competency levels. For instance, conversion testing utilizing A/B page optimizations may be better suited to a CMS environment that can easily maintain the look and feel of the main website, if the responsible individual is less of a programmer than a content specialist. It all depends upon choosing the correct structure and building the appropriate design on top of that structure by knowing what is possible, from both a who and what standpoint.

Looking to Conversion Optimization from the Start

Web design strategies build upon related campaign optimizations to provide an engaging environment, within which conversion strategies are enacted. This means that it is important that web design optimization be considered from the very start of crafting a digital strategy. Zipstripe develops web design frameworks based on specific objectives to be achieved, with a certified Google Web Designer expert.

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