Strategy 4: Social

Social Marketing Strategies

Community building and harvesting strategies are powerful as replication of traditional word-of-mouth marketing channels, and as well offering ongoing conversion opportunities. That being said, social channel marketing involves both a dedicated presence as well as maintenance function, in order to keep followers engaged with and powerful advocates of a brand. Social marketing strategies that support ongoing conversions involve proper structuring by Zipstripe personnel, that includes a Hootsuite certified Social Marketing expert. Zipstripe social marketing strategies offer:

  • Campaign optimizations by factors including budget, location, demographics
  • Insights into consumer behaviours through clickthroughs. website path tracking, A/B testing
  • Message testing with defined cohorts, prior to extensive budget commitments
  • Targeting opportunities by geography, proximity, gender, age, and interests

Hootsuite Certification Social Media Marketing

Key Choices of Social Channel and Messaging

Enhanced opportunities exist by choosing the right social media channel and relevant message, in order to utilize social communities as effective direct and referral based conversion channels. These channels can then be useful for both branding as well as intent based conversions. This is because within a respective social medial channel, participants can be more receptive to targeted messaging dependent upon their particular demographic metrics, as well as time, place and interests.

Unbelievable Insights, Value and Targeting Capability

Success in social channel utilization for conversion resides in being an expert in utilization of constantly changing community communication techniques, coupled with granular targeting capabilities. Sometimes this means simply listening first, and then acting on the insights and intelligence gathered from demographically relevant interactions and competitor footprints. Other times, what is needed is a proactive engagement in social outreach, reactivity and community development. Or it’s a combination of both strategies.

Irrespective of the strategy chosen, the opportunities for direct engagement and advertising within social networks is extensive in both B2C and B2B scenarios. The adept marketer can therefore utilize social marketing strategies in multiple reinforcing ways, uniquely available to this medium. For example, at this point in time there is no more cost effective way to reach prospects for branding as well as engagement objectives, than video targeting through certain social media channels – at approximately one cent per engagement (not simply a traditional ad impression, but the cost of an actual action), there is no better way to spread a targeted message.

Conversions within and outside of Social Channels

Social activity by its nature is both online and offline, where the offline world word-of-mouth is still one of the best channels for referral-based conversions. Now however, through analytics strategies we can track multi-touch conversion activity dependent upon social channels to the point where any prior digital touchpoint can be tracked as leading or contributing to a conversion event. Social strategies optimized through proper analytics are structured by Zipstripe, with a certified Hootsuite social marketing expert.

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