Strategy 10: P.R. & Communications

PR & Communications Strategies

Public relations and communications conversions arrive from both outreach to the media as well as through provision of engagement tools found in public and social channels, whether it be on a client's website or through videos YouTube. A brand's digital footprint can and should be expanded to anywhere prospects reside and frequent. PR and communications strategies offer the opportunity to cast a brand's net far and wide, with conversion optimizations that involve proper structuring by Zipstripe, with a Hootsuite certified Digital Communications specialist. Zipstripe public relations and communications strategies offer:

  • Campaign performance benchmarking for optimization opportunities
  • Insights into consumer behaviours through clickthroughs. website path tracking, A/B testing
  • Message testing with defined cohorts, prior to extensive budget commitments
  • Targeting opportunities by geography, proximity, gender, age, and interests

Public relations and communications strategies leading to conversion optimizations must have proper structuring by Zipstripe personnel, that include a Hootsuite certified Communications Expert.

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Today’s Brands Must Have a Wide Digital Communications Footprint

Traditionally there have been no better channels for widespread branding than print and media outlets, such as TV and radio. But as each of these channels by necessity now have digital presence, such digital components are growing in the face of traditional media decline. What this means is that brands must increasingly speak to the media in a digital format, prepared to deliver online-capable content in order to have any realistic chance of using PR to support a brand-based conversion strategy.

Strength of a Brand Works against Price & Feature Commoditization

You want prospects to search for your brand name since to do so means they are over halfway through the conversion funnel. Once the prospect seeks out a brand, often they simply need only to be apprised of the availability of a product or service they are looking for and the commitment to purchase has been made. This is where brand development through PR goes hand in hand with increasing conversions.

Communications through social engagement and mobile channels is a form of targeted PR that can have large consequential effects. For example, development of relevant LinkedIn profiles through outreach and ongoing communication strategies is a referral based method of setting the groundwork for direct interactions and future conversions.

Tracking Your Online Brand Recognition

Need to see the level of recognition your brand has on the web, and whether the trend is up or down? Easily done by simply running that brand name through, following which the question becomes, why is the brand either trending up, down, static, or even non-existent? It’s the answers to these questions that a proper online PR Communications strategy can answer.

Story-Branding has Become an Effective PR Strategy

Everyone loves a good story and using this method of story-branding is increasingly the way to increase interest and engagement. Testimonials crafted in a story-telling fashion are effective in compelling a memorable and relatable experience, that is extremely conducive to brand development.

PR and Communications Conversion Optimization

Utilizing PR and communications effectively in today's online environment requires developing robust outreach strategies, that if executed well can yield widespread and substantive results. Zipstripe is able to develop these effective communications strategies for conversion optimizations through its certified Hootsuite Communications specialist.

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