Strategy 5: Mobile

Mobile Marketing Strategies

Research shows that mobile conversions leverage time and location based information, to permit users to make immediate decisions and conversions. Opportunities are presented in tying campaigns to user locations, ease of action taking and even different times of day – not available through any other conversion mechanism. Mobile marketing strategies for in-the-moment conversions involve proper structuring by Zipstripe personnel, that include a Google certified Adwords Mobile Marketing expert. Zipstripe mobile strategies offer:

  • Mobile Campaign optimizations by factors including budget, location, demographics
  • Insights into consumer behaviours through clickthroughs. website path tracking, A/B testing
  • Message testing with defined cohorts, prior to extensive budget commitments
  • Targeting opportunities by geography, proximity, gender, age, and interests

Google Partner Certification Adwords Mobile

Mobile Conversions are All about the Thumbs

Only by understanding true mobile user behaviour is the path to mobile conversions clear and feasible. In this regard, utilization of campaign specific design and structure landing pages with functionalities limited to those required for campaign action taking optimize the mobile experience for maximum conversions. For example, a mobile giving campaign will further optimize conversion capability by simply having a clear point of engagement, such as a video or message, coupled with multiple calls-to-action that can be easily operationalized through a simple thumb click.

Mobile Responsive Content is Appropriate for Information, Not Action

Mobile engagements should not be simply a replication of the desktop experience, and do not have to be with campaign based and inbound traffic sensing mobile redirection. Too often what is viewable, consumable and actionable on desktop is hard to see, frustrating or too overbearing to be included in a mobile experience. Key conversion methods in call connection and form completions pose opportunities and pitfalls in mobile conversion optimization. For instance, while both contact methods can be operationalized on mobile, in order to be useful such must be easy to activate by way of one-click or thumb based completions. Appropriate website designs and structures should be therefore be utilized relevant to the mobile conversion sought to be obtained.

Strategic Mobile Campaigns Increase Conversions

We optimize your mobile campaigns for purposes of effecting actionable conversions. Based upon choice of mobile-specific elements and to determine the optimal strategy, a mobile-based strategy that maximizes ROI must be effected. Mobile strategies optimized through proper structuring by Zipstripe, are possible with a certified Google Adwords mobile marketing expert.

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