Strategy 7: Loyalty Programs

Loyalty & Remarketing Strategies

One of the most overlooked marketing channels, yet one of the most effective, is utilization of remarketing opportunities to keep a brand top of mind to prospective consumers that already have had exposure to a brand. Remarketing strategies as part of integral loyalty programs are optimized with proper structuring by Zipstripe, and possible with a Google certified Adwords marketing expert. Zipstripe remarketing & loyalty conversion strategies offer:

  • Campaign optimizations for ongoing top-of-mind recall by factors including nature of visit, purchase or not, ongoing repurchase programs
  • Insights into consumer behaviours through clickthroughs, website path tracking, A/B testing
  • Message testing with defined cohorts, prior to extensive budget commitments
  • Targeting opportunities by geography, proximity, gender, age, and interests

Google Partner Certification Adwords Search Remarketing

Remarketing through Tracking

The key to remarketing is tracking exactly where someone came from and where they went on your website. This is allows for targeted campaigns to visitors that go to specific pages of a site or that travel to specific places in the conversion funnel. This analytics enhanced conversions opportunity to once again speak to these visitors with relevant content is highly impactful given that the message can be tailored and personalized. Tracking also permits evaluation of first-time versus repeat visitor conversions to determine what remarketing campaigns are effective, and what optimization steps can be taken to increase conversions.

Loyalty Programs Can Happened Before the Sale

Once you have a visitor’s email information and permission to re-contact them, you have the unique opportunity to deepen and continue a relationship on an ongoing basis. For example, the very first step to take is to thank them for their interest and set an expectation for ongoing contact. This ability to reconnect sets the visitor on the path to top of mind recall of your brand, with the advantage of being able to make ongoing targeted offers.

After the Sale Incentivizations

A good loyalty program will encourage repeat visits through relevant alerts, points based rewards and other recognitions that can be easily targeted and delivered digitally. Notably, opportunities for eCommerce and related transition incentives can and should utilize multi-delivery channels including email, social network targeting and SMS functionality, with campaign specific offers related to interests, time and demographics.

Remarketing Conversion Optimization

Remarketing and loyalty programs recognize the value of those prospects that have checked out and/or committed to the brand. Whether it be an upsale or cross-sale, these visitors are unique in having already entered into the conversion funnel. Conversion optimization can therefore yield substantial results as a key part of digital strategy, and for which Zipstripe develops remarketing and loyalty campaigns utilizing a certified Google Adwords expert.

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