Strategy 6: Local Marketing

Local Marketing Strategies

Local conversion strategies leverage time and location based search strategies to encourage users to make and plan for engagement. As an example, by showing prospects the inside of a local establishment, not only is the user intrigued but their risk of committing time and resources to travel to that establishment is reduced. Opportunities are therefore presented by in-the-moment campaigns that couple a user's location and locally optimized information to increase conversions. Local marketing strategies for in-the-moment and planned conversions involve proper structuring by Zipstripe, with personnel including a Google+ certified Local BusinessView photographer. Zipstripe local strategies offer:

  • Local Campaign optimizations by factors including budget, location, demographics
  • Insights into consumer behaviours through clickthroughs, website path tracking, A/B testing
  • Message testing with defined cohorts, prior to extensive budget commitments
  • Targeting opportunities by geography, proximity, gender, age, and interests

Google Certification Local Marketing Business Streetview

Showing the Local Flavour

Starting with locally optimized ads and content, user engagement is enhanced through use of social strategies and Google’s locally focused services such as Google Maps and Insideview presence. Use of these local applications as part of relevant search strategies can in turn leverage search and social algorithms in such a way to show relevant but enhanced results that stand out, as the first step in increasing potential conversion volumes.

The Hidden Treasure Map

Often we take the obvious for granted, and in this effectual blindness lies a great opportunity for the local marketer to take advantage of. Everyone searches for directions and they predominantly use Google Maps … where targeted ads can now be placed and business listings enhanced for enhanced engagement and by extension, conversions. This is a huge opportunity for local business, but only one that can properly be taken advantage of with Google certified Maps|Insideview and Adwords local marketing experts.

Success in Local means Giving Users What they Need Before They Know It

Imagine being able to target users at granular levels, such as within a specific distance from a local business, or where participants within their social network happen to be. All possible and through the power of local-based ads, can result in immediate action being taken towards local conversions.

Essentially, success at the local level extrapolates from intent-based search campaigns by the addition of calls-to-action, content strategies and functionalities geared towards immediate influence opportunities. This focus is a synergy of search and social strategies to produce a multi-faceted conversion path that is uniquely local and predominantly mobile device based. Only by understanding the key elements of this local roadmap can campaigns be made effective and efficient in delivering valuable potential local conversions.

Increasing Conversions with Strategic Local Campaigns

We see local strategies as unique conversion opportunities that build upon related components in digital campaign optimization. For success, everything must change in accordance with the requirements of local relevancy and engagement strategies specific to time and location. Zipstripe structures local-specific campaigns, with a certified Google Adwords local marketing expert.

Where We Are Located

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