Strategy 9: eCommerce

eCommerce Based Conversion Strategies

Successful eCommerce strategies start with understanding that multiple conversion opportunities occur throughout the customer lifecycle. As a result, initial and ongoing conversion path structures must be set up with optimizations throughout in order to effect online sales with the best ROI. Structuring eCommerce properly with Zipstripe, by using a Google Shopping certified marketing expert is a necessary part of an effective eCommerce strategy. Zipstripe eCommerce strategies offer:

  • Website structural optimizations for immediate, delayed and ongoing conversions
  • Campaign optimizations by factors including budget, location, demographics
  • Insights into consumer behaviours through return visits, abandonments, clickthroughs, tracking, A/B testing
  • Message testing with defined cohorts, prior to extensive budget commitments
  • Targeting opportunities by geography, proximity, gender, age, and interests
  • Remarketing capabilities for ongoing top-of-mind recall

eCommerce strategies that have multiple conversion opportunities should be properly structured by Zipstripe personnel, that include a Google certified Shopping expert.

Google Partner Certification Adwords Shopping eCommerce

Conversion Strategies for the Longterm

The best eCommerce strategies look to the LTV (Lifetime Value) of a customer and utilize continuing conversion strategies. There are multiple touch points for conversion optimization, inclusive of up-sells, cross-sells and forward sales, that leverage a visitor’s already demonstrated brand commitment. These are factors that extend the focus from initial to total customer value, being a long-term approach to conversion optimizations.

Testing of conversion opportunities throughout the extended conversion funnel therefore becomes the highest priority activity, given the wider focus for ecommerce conversions. This determination could include granular breakouts by demographic factors such as gender, age and interests of purchasers at different stages in the conversion funnel. All of which information leads to optimization strategies that can be best implemented for each cohort.

Where the Future is At

eCommerce is a necessary result of shoppers looking online for what they need and want – even if it’s just the address of the store they need - if they see an ecommerce capability that is more convenient than traveling to a commercial destination, there is an increased likelihood that they will shop online. Recognizing and maximizing this opportunity for convenience conversion is one of the unique aspects of eCommerce optimizations. As a result, today’s commerce by necessity has to have an ecommerce component, or in turn risk losing business to the competition that does.

eCommerce Conversion Optimization

Recognizing consumer trends toward online purchasing and fullfillment, all commercial vendors should adopt robust ecommerce strategies. Within these strategies, conversion optimization can yield substantial results through maximizing customers’ lifetime value. Zipstripe can develop these effective eCommerce strategies and conversion optimizations through its certified Google Shopping Adwords expertise.

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