Strategy 1: Content Structure

Content Based Conversion Strategies

Conversions that are generated from good content result in both direct and supported conversions, where by positioning itself as an expert in an area, a brand can not only inform but be able to offer product and services solutions to prospective customers. Zipstripe content strategies offer:

  • Content optimizations by factors including strategy, planning and inclusions
  • Insights into consumer behaviours through clickthroughs, tracking, A/B testing
  • Message testing with defined cohorts, prior to extensive budget commitments
  • Targeting opportunities by geography, proximity, gender, age, and interests
  • Remarketing capabilities for ongoing top-of-mind recall
Content prospects are ready to be informed, convinced, and brand associated with targeted content put together by Zipstripe personnel that include Hootsuite certified Content Producer.

Hootsuite Certification Content Marketing

Building the Brand through Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that creates and distributes influential content, that positions a brand as an expert in its related field. Relevant and consistent content, applicable to a clearly defined audience, will form the foundation of a brand that's trusted, referred and acted upon. This aspect of implied expertise can have wide consequential effects, in becoming a barrier to entry, source of media and publicity referrals, and means of risk reduction to prospective customers in their doing business with a brand.

Brands are Telling Stories

Traditional communication methods that delivered a memorable and therefore engaging experience, used stories to bring their message across. As today's consumers are becoming more sophisticated and capable of tuning out overtly promotional messaging, there is a need to return to traditionally successful methodology to get the point across. This is where today's consumers are increasingly motivated by well told stories regarding a brand and its service or product offerings.

The Turtle and the Hare: Consistency Counts

Whether for the benefit of search engines, which are consistently on the look out for good content, or to answer consumer queries, consistency in content production is a key success factor in utilizing content as a direct or supporting conversion strategy. In the first instance, the better relevant content that is produced, the greater likelihood of taking over multiple and higher search positions from the competition. In the second instance, the greater the probability of providing an answer to specific consumer questions, the higher value attributed to the brand as the expert in the area. In either instance, quality and quality interact as the basis for an effective content strategy.

A Content Plan, that sets forth what, when and where content to be developed will be distributed, is a key tool in implementing a content strategy. Included as a part of this plan will be marketing driven content, with specific calls to action, but such will only be a portion of what the content plan should deliver. The key is to balance a demonstration of the brand's expertise with promotion of the products and services that embody same.

Variation in Content type is Important to Engagement

Content in its purest form is anything that seeks to inform, engage and motivate. Accordingly, differing content formats will be used for specific objectives and mixed together for others. Whether it be in the form of text, video, animations, photos or graphics, these content elements should be planned to work together to create content that achieves the intended objectives.

Optimizing Content Conversions

Proper content development and distribution strategies will result in both direct and supported conversions and therefore content conversion optimization should be considered with regard to implementation of every strategic component of a total digital strategy. Zipstripe develops content based on specific objectives, utilizing a certified Hootsuite Content Management expert.

Where We Are Located

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