Strategy 8: Channel Development

Outreach / Channel Development Strategies

Conversions emanating from community outreach and development of relevant channels can bear ongoing results from initial commitment and simple maintenance. Such Zipstripe outreach and channel development strategies offer:

  • Channel content optimizations by factors including searh and content relevancy
  • Insights into channel behaviours through alerts, participant analysis and other influencer metrics
  • Message testing with defined cohorts, prior to extensive budget commitments
  • Targeting opportunities by positions, education, companies, and more.

Outreach and channel development strategies enhance conversion optimizations through proper structuring by Zipstripe personnel, that include a Hootsuite certified Social Marketing expert.

Hootsuite Certification Outreach and Community Development

Channels Require Action to Bear Fruit

Whether it’s a social channel, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, or a media channel with journalists and reporters, diligent work is require in order to build an effective and responsive community. Outreach and channel development strategies optimized with proper structuring by Zipstripe, are possible with a Hootsuite certified Social Community marketing expert.

Canned Responses Don’t Cut It

Community relationships should be developed and managed because they are one of the best sources for referral business. Social validation reduces the risk of prospective customers dealing with a new business, and for this reason channels that offer a two-way communication mechanism cannot be treated as simply a sales billboard. This means that proper effort must be put in into not only developing business channels, but also to maintaining them with relevant and timely content, proactively as well as reactively ... and canned responses to enquiries, questions and comments are equivalent to ignoring the channel and its members.

Notably, outreach and channel development whether by way of building social networks, media contact strategies or creating opted-in SMS communities, results in a captive audience for both sales and referrals. Better yet, such audiences are perpetual in that you will have a direct voice, one on one and one to many through technology, for the foreseeable future. Accordingly, there is great value in growing and cultivating these communities as an integral part of every digital marketing plan.

Social Advertising to Encourage Action and Viral Referrals

By its nature, channel development and outreach involve brand interactions. However, as the results of these efforts are a community of like-minded individuals, opportunities for advertising on a social level exist and can be mined effectively with strategies unique to the social context. This is where community management and social marketing skills combine to realize the ongoing value of developed communities.

Optimizing Community Conversions

Channel development and outreach strategies build upon related social campaigns in order to provide an engaging environment within which conversions can occur. Accordingly, community conversion optimization should be considered from the very start of crafting a digital strategy. Zipstripe develops these communities based on specific objectives, utilizing a certified Hootsuite Community building expert.

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