Online Strategies

Content Based Conversion Strategies

Conversions that are generated from good content result in both direct and supported conversions, where by positioning itself as an expert in an area, a brand can not only inform but be able to offer product and services solutions to prospective customers. Zipstripe content strategies offer:

Local Marketing Strategies

Local conversion strategies leverage time and location based search strategies to encourage users to make and plan for engagement. As an example, by showing prospects the inside of a local establishment, not only is the user intrigued but their risk of committing time and resources to travel to that establishment is reduced. Opportunities are therefore presented by in-the-moment campaigns that couple a user's location and locally optimized information to increase conversions. Local marketing strategies for in-the-moment and planned conversions involve proper structuring by Zipstripe, with personnel including a Google+ certified Local BusinessView photographer. Zipstripe local strategies offer:

eCommerce Based Conversion Strategies

Successful eCommerce strategies start with understanding that multiple conversion opportunities occur throughout the customer lifecycle. As a result, initial and ongoing conversion path structures must be set up with optimizations throughout in order to effect online sales with the best ROI. Structuring eCommerce properly with Zipstripe, by using a Google Shopping certified marketing expert is a necessary part of an effective eCommerce strategy. Zipstripe eCommerce strategies offer:

Mobile Marketing Strategies

Research shows that mobile conversions leverage time and location based information, to permit users to make immediate decisions and conversions. Opportunities are presented in tying campaigns to user locations, ease of action taking and even different times of day – not available through any other conversion mechanism. Mobile marketing strategies for in-the-moment conversions involve proper structuring by Zipstripe personnel, that include a Google certified Adwords Mobile Marketing expert. Zipstripe mobile strategies offer:

Loyalty & Remarketing Strategies

One of the most overlooked marketing channels, yet one of the most effective, is utilization of remarketing opportunities to keep a brand top of mind to prospective consumers that already have had exposure to a brand. Remarketing strategies as part of integral loyalty programs are optimized with proper structuring by Zipstripe, and possible with a Google certified Adwords marketing expert. Zipstripe remarketing & loyalty conversion strategies offer:

Social Marketing Strategies

Community building and harvesting strategies are powerful as replication of traditional word-of-mouth marketing channels, and as well offering ongoing conversion opportunities. That being said, social channel marketing involves both a dedicated presence as well as maintenance function, in order to keep followers engaged with and powerful advocates of a brand. Social marketing strategies that support ongoing conversions involve proper structuring by Zipstripe personnel, that includes a Hootsuite certified Social Marketing expert. Zipstripe social marketing strategies offer:

Outreach / Channel Development Strategies

Conversions emanating from community outreach and development of relevant channels can bear ongoing results from initial commitment and simple maintenance. Such Zipstripe outreach and channel development strategies offer:

Search Based Conversion Strategies

Conversions from search based channels can by their nature be the most valuable source of business, simply because those searching have a defined need and are looking for a solution. Zipstripe search strategies offer:

Web Design & Structure Strategies

Deciding upon the purposes and capabilities of a website has implications on its structure and design, and how well such supports conversions. For instance, the choice to use a CMS (content management system) or hard-coded html structure, or mobile-responsive capability instead of a dedicated mobile experience, will depend on campaign optimization considerations. No longer is there a one-size fits all approach to sophisticated web design that should support and not be reactive to conversion implications. Zipstripe design strategies form the start of many conversion optimizations with proper structuring by personnel that include a Google Certified Web Designer Specialist. Zipstripe web design strategies offer:

Analytics Strategies

Metrics derived from clear analytics strategies will power key decision making in determining whether a campaign is trending to be a success. Automation of metrics collection and analysis is a key element of a proper analytics program, which should include not only regular reporting, but visual dashboard representation so that key data is clear at a glance. Analytics strategies that form the backbone of conversion optimizations involve proper structuring by Zipstripe personnel, that include a Google certified Marketing expert. Zipstripe analytics strategies offer:

PR & Communications Strategies

Public relations and communications conversions arrive from both outreach to the media as well as through provision of engagement tools found in public and social channels, whether it be on a client's website or through videos YouTube. A brand's digital footprint can and should be expanded to anywhere prospects reside and frequent. PR and communications strategies offer the opportunity to cast a brand's net far and wide, with conversion optimizations that involve proper structuring by Zipstripe, with a Hootsuite certified Digital Communications specialist. Zipstripe public relations and communications strategies offer:

Video & Animation Strategies

Today's engagement strategies depend upon delivery of rich experiences, most commonly supported by impactful imagery that videos and animations deliver particularly well. By using video and animation marketers are able to distribute messages that are language independent and convey key concepts clearly and quickly. A video or animation strategy can empower brands with the ability to break through the noise of other advertising, and with optimized channel capabilities, can now be delivered whenever and wherever prospects happen to be. These engagement strategies have the potential to exponentially increase conversions at modest cost, are structured by Zipstripe with Google certified Video Marketing personnel. Zipstripe video /animation strategies offer:

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