Using Big Data

Consumer BigDataMining Program

Zipstripe's BDM business intelligence program's capabilities identify qualified and actionable connections in real-time, and for lifecycle lead relationships. There is no better way to serve up an offer than to someone who has stated a relevant need in real-time or through predictive timing. We don't sell lists, but help clients generate prospect lists based on client needs and social profiles, with all details behind each connection including actionable communication paths.

Identify Your Prospects in Real-time.

Before any of your competitor’s are able to identify, segment and respond to a lead … you’ve not only made an offer, but know multiple channels to followup with that prospect. We focus on the most actionable connections, where your product or service is top of the consumer's mind - a need that has been raised within that instant.Zipstripe Big Date Marketing Conversions Real Time Prospect Identification

  • Leads from what people say.
  • Direct & immediate contact capability.
  • Multiple channel approach.
  • Top of Mind relevance opportunity.

Know more about them with Wideweb Social Profiles.

Have a complete profile on your prospect to be able to utilize multiple touchpoints to establish trust and an ongoing relationship. We map relationships amongst prospect information using a multitude of data silos, to develop robust profiles that you care to see. We capture more relationship data than anyone else in the industry.Zipstripe Big Data Marketing Conversions Prospects Social Profile

  • Intel on interests, background and life events.
  • Choose which communications channels meet your objectives.
  • Personalize your communications and offers to maximize results.
  • Use familiarity and relevance to develop trust and overcome barriers.

Lifecycle Lead Development Opportunities.

With our social profile data warehousing and updating capabilities, we identify new opportunities, find new introduction paths and build a broader background to target prospects with relevant future opportunities. By truly knowing a prospect and where they may be in their life, you can adopt your marketing and promotions to their life events, such as marriage, babies, promotions, etc.Zipstripe Big Data Marketing Conversions Lifecycle Lead Opportunities

  • Using predictive analytics to target offers.
  • Escalate relevancy through alignment of needs and fulfilment.
  • Plan marketing initiatives according to personal events expected to happen.
  • Mine relationships by leveraging personalized intel.

Not all industries and market segments are indexed as yet, so please complete the form so that we may gauge the fit of our data analysis and operations program to your target market.

Where We Are Located

Serving the Province of Ontario and State of New York, our head office is located just above Toronto.

Suite 201, 690 Rowntree Dairy Road, Vaughan, ON



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